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Printing cost reduction techniques

Time:2023-01-04 Views:215
    Due to the number and specifications of some products, it is often necessary to use small size paper for printing. It is completely unnecessary to make a corresponding size of the printing format of the shading version, because there are old versions that can be used. Some printing houses often cut 8-base plates into 9-open or 12-open, or even smaller formats for printing. It was a good idea for a while to avoid the trouble of making a new edition, but the old small plates could not be printed on the large plates, so a new plate had to be made on the large plates. Therefore, the use of "cutting plate method" to achieve large print small format, will make the production cost increase, cause unnecessary economic waste.

    In view of this situation, through in-depth exploration and practice, the traditional production mode has been changed, and the printing technology of "big plate and small print" has been innovated and improved, which can not only keep the old shading plate specifications unchanged, but also effectively save money. When the format of the transfer is smaller than the original specification, the necessary "strain" measures can be adopted to make the excess page not stained with ink, nor contact with the packaging liner, to ensure normal printing and receive good printing effect.

    According to the theoretical concept and practical results of printing "three flat", it can be seen that the printing flat is the basic requirement of accepting even inking and satisfying even printing pressure. So, soft texture of thin solid resin version, as long as in the adhesive version of the plate plate link to break the "conventional", it can make the excess version edge sag, can not get inking roller inking, do not produce imprint marks, do not destroy the packaging lining. And the need to print the layout, as long as the layout is properly padded, you can get uniform inking, meet the normal conditions of stamping. It can be seen that from the principle of printing "three flat" can be extended to break the condition of printing "three flat" in the plate flat, so as to realize the implementation of abnormal printing "big plate small printing" process, providing theoretical and practical basis. Based on the above ideas, produced the implementation of no cut plate to achieve the "big version of small printing" new process idea, through bold practice, initial results in production.

For example, in the printing plate (shading version) specifications of 39cm×27cm 8-open (format) to print 26cm×18cm products. In order to maintain the original format completely, when loading the plate, should first cut a 26cm× 18cm size of 35Og/m whiteboard, it with the corresponding area of double-sided tape on the back of the 8-open version of the appropriate place (vertical and vertical sides can be aligned). Then use the double-sided tape 39cm×27cm format to the back of the entire plate (including the white board) and the plate support directly bonded, then, press and stick firmly. In this way, in the 26cm×18cm format of the layout, because of a white board and a layer of adhesive cloth, so that it is obviously higher than the non-printing layout, so it can ensure that the printing layout gets normal inking and stamping. And the non-padded layout is a little lower, so it does not get inking, and there is a certain gap with the lining surface, but also does not destroy the outsourcing lining, can meet the printing conditions and requirements of the "large plate small print". Because of the soft and elastic texture of thin resin plate, through the difference of pad plate, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the level of the layout, to achieve the required conditions for printing. In this way, we can use the old version of "large size" to print a variety of small size products, to achieve a multi-purpose version, flexible and convenient, greatly improving the utilization rate of the plate.

    Over the years, the printing method of "large plate and small print" without cutting plate has been adopted to print general shading plates of various specifications, saving the time of plate making, shortening the production cycle, and significantly improving the production efficiency and economic benefits.
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