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Special paper packaging, gold and silver card paper introduction

Time:2023-01-03 Views:775
Classification of gold and silver cards by surface form:
    1、Plain surface (generally refers to straight, such as gray bottom straight, white card straight, etc.)
    2、Chongmian (usually refers to base paper coated with glass card; Such as gray bottom glass card, white card, glass card, etc.)
    3、both sides (one side aluminum foil, one side PET; Double-sided PET; Double-sided aluminum foil etc.)
    4、Embossing (PET embossing, aluminum foil embossing, cloth, moire, marble, pattern, text can be)
    5、Information (with patterns, text, trademarks and other laser effects of PET or OPP plating and transfer, direct plating paper)
    6、Printing (thick paper, tissue paper, PET aluminum foil, can be single-side, double-sided gravure printing)

Some problems of gold and silver card process:
    The coating layer on the surface of the gold card paper, the following link film, above and ink combination. The dry coating thickness of the coating is generally 2-4 microns, the thickness of the coating determines the printing adaptability of the gold card paper, the thicker the more conducive to printing and post-production.
    The glue between the film and the paper contains a lot of water before the composite coloring of the gold card paper into the drying channel. The layer contains a lot of solvent (water-based paint contains water and alcohol). After entering the drying channel, the water, solvent and water in the bottom paper will evaporate out, and the outside temperature will decrease instantly after leaving the drying channel. If in the wet winter workshop seal is not strict, the temperature is too low will form a layer of water film on the surface of the coating. If the moisture of the bottom paper and glue is not volatilized in the drying path, the moisture of the upper paper will overflow to the coating surface of the next paper after the paper is cut to form a layer of water film. Printing ink is oil-based ink, water and oil are incompatible, will form ink and paper infiltration is not good, dry solid ink layer is not breathable moisture volatilization is not out, has a great impact on the printing results.

Matters needing attention:
    1、Winter coating layer as thick as possible, such as replacing the version hole deeper roller, improve the viscosity of the coating.
    2、Check whether the heating device of the drying channel can work normally. If it cannot work properly, replace it in time. The heating device should be replaced regularly according to its own service life.
    3、Increase the setting temperature of the drying path, such as 100 degrees at ordinary times, and 20-30 degrees after winter.
    4、Reduce the compound speed. Feel whether there is water at the bottom of the paper in the drying path with your hand. If your hand can feel the water, you should reduce the speed until your hand can not feel the water obviously.
    5、Improve the workshop sealing. Try to keep humidity low and temperature high. Especially when the temperature changes greatly, production should pay special attention to detection.
    6、Pay attention to the moisture content of the base paper.

    The wet weather in winter is the gold card paper prone to problems, some manufacturers often make empirical mistakes, always think I have been so how can there be a problem? In fact, people have a strong adaptability to the change of temperature and humidity and adjust themselves quickly, while the paper has a poor adaptability to the change of temperature and humidity. To the temperature (thermometer), humidity (humidity meter), paper moisture content (moisture tester), paint viscosity (viscosity cup), coating thickness (electronic weight) these indicators determine the printing adaptability of the tool to measure.
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